Writing that tickles the senses

When you visit the coast, particularly on a blustery day, you will feel it in all your senses. Touch – the shrill unforgiving power of the wind pushing your body forward as you walk. Smell – rotting seaweed, dampness, saltiness and sand. Hearing – the whooshing of sharp gusts as they swirl around your head, […]

The Penultimate Man Commemoration.

A massive thank you to those who supported this event. All proceeds will be donated to the Harrogate Branch of the Royal British Legion.

DCI Bennett and his love of Northern Art.

One of the pleasures of writing a series is the chance to develop the characters and the interaction between the long-term members of the police team. People often ask me who Cyril Bennett is or is he you? The simple answer is, and this may sound naïve, he is an amalgam, a sort of Frankenstein […]