Shadows from the Past:
A Collection of Short Stories
for Short Journeys

Within this collection of short stories, there is something to interest everyone, from a poignant series of events which unfolds at the end of the First World War to an amazing story of circumstantial evidence. The author has captured brief moments in time; shadows from yesterday and snapshots of today.

Included in this anthology is the prize winning, ‘Another Time, Another Place’, a personified tale of the first flight of one of man’s first flimsy aircraft in the heady atmosphere above England’s northwest, wild coast during the early part of the last century.

The themes are varied, as is the time span. The stories move effortlessly between England, France and Italy, each capturing a brief moment in time. You will, however, be touched by the warmth of the north of England in some tales as the writer proudly heralds from there.

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